Angelus Memorial Park Cemetery, Inc.
(907) 344-1311

We are a non profit organization governed by a voluntary Board of Trustees elected by members of the park cemetery. Any individual that owns a plot is a member of Angelus Memorial Park Cemetery. 

The cemetery park is 37 acres of gently rolling hills surrounded by the Chugach, Denali Mountains, Mt. Foraker, and Mt. Hunter.

Our cemetery park is non-sectarian and families may choose between 11 beautifully landscaped gardens. Our gardens have beautiful hand carved white marble sculptures from the quarries of Carara, Italy. 

We are dedicated to the interment and perpetual care of your loved ones and provide a unique array of services to ensure your loved one is memorialized with the utmost level of respect.
Alaska's First Perpetual Care Cemetery
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Hours of Operation
               & Election
              May 24,2014
  •  Scattering Garden for Ashes
  •  Clarion Bells Music System: 
        - play music of your choice           during ceremonies                     - can be heard throughout             entire park
Office and Indoor Columbarium
             440 East Klatt Road
           Anchorage, AK 99515

Monday - Friday 9am -6pm
Weekend times available upon request

phone: (907) 344-1311
fax: (907) 344-1337
  • Burial Plots
  • Personalized Bronze Grave Markers 
  • Bronze Niche/Grave markers
  • Personalized Granite Grave Markers
  • Granite Benches
  • Eternal Perpetual Care of burial plots and headstones
  • Scattering Garden for Ashes
  • Climate Control Indoor Columbarium
  • Outdoor Colombarium
  • Personalized Tribute Plaques
  • Bagpipes, bells, or any music of your choice played for your loved ones ceremony
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